Orange Research

Orange Research is the differential pressure knowledge leader and manufactures differential pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, flow meters and flow switches. Some of the many applications for these products include monitoring filtration equipment, compressors and heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries including oil refining, chemicals and semiconductors, just to name a few!

The company's beginnings are rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Les Hoffman, an engineer, who in the early 1960s began working on an indicator to compare differing pressures. Les' enthusiastic, high energy approach led him to develop the first "Filter Fink", an indicator that would tell the user when the filter needed to be cleaned or replaced.

From this early success the company grew to offer a wide array of differential pressure gauges and switches, adding features as customers requested them. Flow instruments and transmitters followed along with level switches. Over time it seemed that Orange Research products were being used anywhere there was flow or storage of a liquid or gas.

Today, known worldwide as a supplier of rugged, reliable instruments, Orange Research continues to be responsive to customer requests while designing instruments for the next generation of users. As always, custom instruments in a quantity of one are welcome.

Customers have always come first at Orange Research. With worldwide distribution and a staff of qualified support personnel, answers are only a phone call or e-mail away. Through continuous improvement and cost-effective manufacturing methods, Orange Research remains committed to keeping prices low while maintaining exceptionally high quality and service.

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