The mining industry requires solutions that help make the mining and refining processes safer and more efficient. These solutions help improve the safety environment and increase customers’ bottom line. The corrosive and abrasive matter managed during these processes quickly wears on pipelines and valve arrangements, requiring frequent repairs and leading to costly downtime. In spite of constrained production capacities, operators are under enormous pressure to meet rising demand for metals and minerals faster and more efficiently. At the same time, new mandates requiring plants to reduce harmful emissions add to the increased pressures and challenges facing miners. JMC Instruments understands these challenges and offers an extensive range of products and solutions from leading brands including Thermon, Wika, Sharpe and ABZ Valves, which are designed to assist our customers to:

  • Outperform during the mining and processing of metals and minerals
  • Decrease maintenance-related downtime
  • Improve plant and pipeline operating performance
  • Protect personnel
  • Meet environmental and quality standards
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