Water & Water Treatment

Population growth and climate change present new, pressing challenges for our world’s water supply. JMC Instruments & Controls offers customers integrated solutions for many stages of the water lifecycle. Traditional, naturally-occurring water sources such as dams and reservoirs, which were previously easily obtainable, are rapidly becoming exhausted. This is driving the need for viable, non-traditional ways to create drinking water, such as through desalination and recycling. The water industry must also find ways to maximize the continuity of this supply and ensure that it remains available for as long as possible. The industry’s aging infrastructure causes further complications for plants, including frequent repairs and unnecessary leaks that increase operating costs and deplete the water supply.

From helping customers find the most efficient ways to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water, to finding suitable uses for recycled water, to ensuring reliability in waste water processes, our valves and control products and services optimize plant and pipeline infrastructure. We can assist customers in all stages of their projects including system design, compatibility testing, installation, training, auditing and servicing.

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